Named Objects

M.P.C 33796 1999 Feb. 2
(9674) Slovenija = 1998 QU15

Discovered 1998 Aug. 23 at Črni Vrh.

Named for the European nation in which the Črni Vrh Observatory is situated. This is the first minor planet credited to Slovenian astronomers.

M.P.C 42674 2001 May 9
(14966) Jurijvega = 1997 OU2

Discovered 1997 Jul. 30 by H. Mikuž at Črni Vrh Observatory.

Jurij Vega (1754-1802), Slovenian mathematician and military engineer, is known for his logarithmic and trigonometric tables, which were used worldwide until the start of computer era. This naming is on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Jurij Vega Grammar School in Idrija, which was attended by the discoverer.

M.P.C 43047 2001 July 5
(19618) Maša = 1999 PN3

Discovered 1999 Aug. 11 by J. Skvarč at Črni Vrh Observatory.

Maša Kandušer (b. 1964) is an inspirational person and a woman for whom you want to save this world or discover a new one.

M.P.C. 49280 2003 Aug. 6
(15071) Hallerstein = 1999 BN12

Discovered 1999 Jan. 24 at Črni Vrh Observatory.

Ljubljana-born Ferdinand Avguštin Hallerstein (1703-1774), a Jesuit missionary in China, was known for his work in astronomy, mathematics and cartography. President of the Chinese Imperial Bureau of Astronomy, he prepared an accurate catalogue of 3083 stars and discovered and carefully measured comet C/1748 H1.

M.P.C. 54827 2005 Sep. 18
(18845) Cichocki = 1999 RY27

Discovered 1999 September 7 by H. Mikuž at Črni Vrh Observatory.

Bruno Cichocki (1908-2001), a civil engineer with a vivid interest in astronomy.

M.P.C. 54828 2005 Sep. 18
(66667) Kambič = 1999 TZ11

Discovered 1999 October 8 at Črni Vrh Observatory.

Bojan Kambič (b. 1959) is the founder and the editor of the first Slovenian astronomical magazine Spika, regularly published since 1993. Spika greatly influenced Slovenian astronomical community, boosted various astronomical activities and thoroughly changed the face of astronomy in Slovenia.

M.P.C. 59386 2007 Apr. 2
(19612) Noordung = 1999 OO

Discovered 1999 July 17 at the Črni Vrh Observatory.

At the end of 1928 Herman Potočnik (1892-1929) published under the pseudonym Hermann Noordung a visionary work entitled Das Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums-der Raketen-motor. In this work he was the first to detail a technical description of a space station in a geostationary orbit and its applications.

M.P.C. 59386 2007 Apr. 2
(19633) Rusjan = 1999 RX42

Discovered 1999 September 13 at the Črni Vrh Observatory.

Edvard Rusjan (1886-1911) was a pioneer Slovenian aircraft designer and pilot who performed his first fully controllable flight on 1909 Nov. 25 with an EDA I aircraft. He died after his aircraft crashed in Belgrade on 1911 Jan. 9.

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