FitsPro Image Processing Software for MS Win3.1 / Win95/ NT
Version 1.0.1
1996 © Bojan Dintinjana
University of Ljubljana, Department of Physics,
Astronomical Observatory, Pot na Golovec 25,
SI - 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
FitsPro is an image processing stand alone program written for MS Windows. It was initially created to perform high quality display of CCD images. Several other functions were now added to expand it's capabilities. Among the most useful tools, there is a user-friendly routine for CCD aperture photometry. The latter was adapted to meet some specific requirements encountered during the CCD photometry of comets.

The following procedures are incorporated in the present version:
- various display options: linear, power, logarithmic and histogramic equalization.
- zoom in - out
- black and white or various false colour palettes
- images can be written in BMP file format with color palette as displayed
- image shift (integer and real), very useful tool for composing true color images
- image blink comparator
- image cut
- calculate star centroids
- aperture photometry
- reads files generated by Daophot II
- display FITS header

Images are read and written in standard (un-blocked) 16 bit FITS file format, up to image size 1600x1040 pixels (compatible with PC-Vista, Daophot II for PCs, ST-6 image display software,..).

Hardware requirements
- PC 386/486 compatible computer
- MS Windows 3.1 set to 256 colours
- minimum of 4 Mb RAM
Installation Procedure
- copy file into the directory on your hard disk e.g. C:\FITSPRO
- unzip the file using PKUNZIP
- add the icon by moving fitspro.exe to appropriate group in your program manager

By downloading the FitsPro, you agree to comply with the following conditions:
1. The program shall not be modified.
2. The package shall not be used for commercial purposes.
3. The software is supplied as it is, you use it at your own risk. The author of the program could not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage connected with the use of this software.

Any comments or suggestions regarding the FitsPro Image Processing Software should be mailed to:Bojan Dintinjana (

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